Our Vision

The vision of Shree Laxman Singh Gour ( EX Education Minister of MP ) The founder of Bhasker Academy was that the objective of education should not be only to earn a living but also to understand, preserve and promote our moral values, cultural diversities, ethical attitude and the interests of our nation. He firmly believed that the future generation should be educated in such a manner that they may become sensitive towards the need of the society and it’s inhabitants.

Bhaskar Academy is a unique learning experience that lays special emphasis on consolidating the core value in a child.

Bhaskar Academy was started with an objective to provide quality education at affordable expenses and to dispel the prevailing myth that quality education is the exclusive right of the ” Wealthy Few “

Bhaskar Academy- Welcome to Bhaskar Academy

Why Us ?

Well Qualified Teaching Staff

We take great pride in our exceptional team of educators, who provide our students with an unparalleled learning experience. Bhaskar Academy is extremely glorified with the skills and knowledge of its highly qualified teachers who are masters of their respective subjects

Pocket Friendly Fee Structure

We Believe That education Is Not a commodity and it must not be used to treated like a business, We believe education is a divine virtue which have to be shared selflessly

Complete Child Development

Bhaskar Academy is focused on providing a friendly, comfortable and cooperative environment that helps & enables the Child to be productive. We always aim to complete and overall growth of our students

Bhaskar Academy consists most advanced and latest tech devices. Students are provided with all technological access and guidance in computer labs. Science Lab with complete accessories are designed to learn in the best way and for curious scientific cravings

Regular Sports Activities

Bhaskar Academy passionately promotes games and sports among its students. Games are a easiest and joyful way of learning and developing. Representation at higher level are also powered by the school. We love to see our students shine

Equal Participation in ECC

Music class, art & craft class, dance class, regular AV room sessions and workshops, fun fare, science exhibition and much more are part of our Extra Curricular Activities. These activities allows students to enhance their personal growth and development

The Management

Students learn through inquiry, Making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies.

We have developed an innovative approach to learning where students gain the skills they need to improve their lives.

We are dedicated to supply our students with the resources they need to succeed academically and personally. We encourage students to take advantage of these services and resources, in order to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Our support services team is available to assist students with a variety of needs. This includes academic support, such as tutoring and study skills workshops, as well as support for students with disabilities.

School Fee Structure

Nursery to 1st

  • Annual Charge Rs 3000/-
  • 1st Installment Rs 5,000/-
  • 2nd Installment Rs 5,000/-
  • 3rd Installment Rs 5,000/-
  • 4th Installment Rs 5,000/-

Tution Fee 20,000 + 3,000 AC

8th to 9th

  • Annual Charge Rs 3000/-
  • 1st Installment Rs 6,500/-
  • 2nd Installment Rs 6,500/-
  • 3rd Installment Rs 6,500/-
  • 4th Installment Rs 6,500/-

Tution Fee 26,000 + 3,000 AC

2nd to 4th

  • Annual Charge Rs 3000/-
  • 1st Installment Rs 5,500/-
  • 2nd Installment Rs 5,500/-
  • 3rd Installment Rs 5,500/-
  • 4th Installment Rs 5,500/-

Tution Fee 22,000 + 3,000 AC

10th to 12th

  • Annual Charge Rs 3000/-
  • 1st Installment Rs 7,000/-
  • 2nd Installment Rs 7,000/-
  • 3rd Installment Rs 7,000/-
  • 4th Installment Rs 7,000/-

Tution Fee 28,000 + 3,000 AC

5th to 7th

  • Annual Charge Rs 3000/-
  • 1st Installment Rs 6,000/-
  • 2nd Installment Rs 6,000/-
  • 3rd Installment Rs 6,000/-
  • 4th Installment Rs 6,000/-

Tution Fee 24,000 + 3,000 AC

Documents For Admission

  • 2 PHOTOS

Note : A Registration Fee of 500/- And One time & Non-Refundable Admission Fee of 2000/- are also Applicable on the Time of Admission